About Us

Function over Fashion

is our daily mantra

Traditional Activewear Is Driven By The Cycles Of Fashion, Tighties Is Driven By Innovation And Function

Activewear That Works As Hard As You Do

Our team builds products that are exceptionally functional and medically sound. Through superior compression and integrated strapping sytems, Tighties activates your muscles in the right way, transforming your body into it’s own support system. Optimal muscle engagement and alignment protects joints, relieves pain and promotes faster recovery. 

Tighties was created to bridge the gap between activewear and orthopedic care.

We compiled the best of the best to take on a new way of thinking and pave the way in Functional Activewear.

  • Krystal Gillis, Founder & CEO

Science. Mechanics. Testing. Repeat.

Tighties was created by a collaboration of medical, biomechanic and performance experts. Everyone working together with one goal in mind: Challenge the status quo of pain management and injury prevention within the activewear and medical device spaces. A marrying of industries.

The Creation.

Products centered around muscle engagement and activation vs muscle off-loading. Helping the body to align, train and endure over time helping Keep Active People Active.

What type of team does it take:

Orthopedic Doctors

Physical Therapists

Mechanical Engineers



Sew Teams

Sourcing Gurus


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