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Unlock the Potential: Embracing Compression Therapy

Everything you need to know about today’s most innovative and effective activewear technology

Compression activewear has transformed fitness over the last three decades. Once a niche item, compression gear is now a staple for serious athletes and everyday fitness buffs alike. This surge in popularity is no passing fad – the science supporting compression technology’s benefits continues to grow.

At Tighties, we’re producing the industry’s most technologically advanced compression leggings. We want to be a helpful and trusted resource for people eager to maximize their workouts and training with our three versions of leggings, all of which have state-of-the-art compression technology as their foundation.

What are compression garments?

Picture activewear taken to unparalleled heights; compression garments transcend the conventional boundaries of activewear, seamlessly blending comfort, breathability, and style with the added dimension of mechanical pressure. Crafted from a dense fabric, these garments embrace the body snugly, fostering enhanced blood circulation and accelerated muscle recovery.

The Science Powering Intelligent Textiles

At Tighties, cutting-edge sports science guides everything we do. Traditional activewear is driven by fashion cycles — Tighties is driven by innovation and function.

We continually track studies from leading academic journals and health organizations to inform our patented designs. Our medical advisory team then translates this research into functional, performance-enhancing products suited for elite training.

For example, a 2022 National Institutes of Health scoping review analyzed 183 studies on compression gear during exercise. It confirmed significant benefits across metrics like:

• Muscular power and endurance
• Reduced fatigue and soreness
• Enhanced balance and coordination
• Ligament awareness for njury prevention
• Recovery between training sessions

Leveraging validated science in creating intelligent textiles allows us to craft compression leggings that work as hard as you do. From fibers to fabric, our innovations unlock athletic potential.

Unlocking Performance With Compression

Our compression technology fuels active lifestyles by:

Boosting Circulation

Compression stimulates blood and oxygen flow, enhancing endurance, power, and recovery. Increased circulation can also reduce cramping and post-workout leg fatigue so you finish strong.

Accelerating Recovery

Tighter muscles mean improved lymph drainage, carrying away metabolic waste like lactic acid. This decreases inflammation, soreness, and next-day stiffness, so you bounce back faster.

Enhancing Balance

Compression heightens proprioception and body awareness through sensory receptors in the skin. This is why yogis and other balance-focused athletes love Tighties for stability.

Helping Prevent Injuries

Through superior muscle stabilization and joint support, Tighties compression leggings safeguard against injuries, offering peace of mind and empowering users to pursue their fitness goals with unwavering confidence.

Compression therapy’s beauty lies in unlocking your athletic potential from all angles – not just brute power and speed. Optimized circulation, faster recovery, better balance, and stability give you an edge to amplify your active lifestyle.

Are Tighties Compression Leggings Comfortable?

Absolutely! While some relish the snug embrace of our compression leggings throughout the day, others prefer to reserve them for their training sessions. How long you wear your Tighties leggings is entirely up to you. Remember, you wear compression leggings with intent, and our differentiator lies in our focus on function over fashion.

Setting the Standard: The Tighties Advantage

Tighties is committed to keeping active people active. If you’ve suffered an injury or setback, we want to help you return to what you love. Tighties was founded by everyday athlete enthusiast Krystal Gillis, and she immediately created a medical advisory team with a sincere commitment to producing the highest quality, most comfortable, and incredibly beneficial compression leggings available today.

Tighties: Activewear works as hard as you do!