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We just wrapped up a weather filled weekend in Dallas for the 2024 Professional Pickleball Association Tour event at the Oasis Pickleball Club. This was our first PPA event and it was fantastic to see.

The compellation of professional, amateur and junior competition, all in one venue, is incredibly unique to modern day sports. It was incredibly special to see a junior player getting to hit the courts at the same time as their pro heroes. Talk about goals within reach.

It was also amazing to see how accessible the pickleball professionals were to the spectators and young players. It’s a beautiful reminder of what elite athletic ability is all about and that perhaps many other arenas of professional sports could use this as a reminder of the importance of connecting with fans across all sports. The energy was astounding and great to be a part of!

As for Tighties, we loved getting to interact with the crowds and players. Venturing through the muddy grass to come say hello and check out the vendor areas, there were so many friendly faces. We encountered a lot of excitement about our products and upcoming launches. It was easy to see our goal of Keeping Active People Active is at home with this crew. People stopped to ask questions, discuss issues they had been having with their own body ailments and expressed anticipation for the ways our products can help.

I can confidently say that our Stabilizer legging will be so helpful to so many pickleball players, from the pros to the everyday athletes. Integrated bracing to help align the body from the top down, paired with tension supports, will not only help prevent injuries from this enthusiastic group but also help them keep their pain at bay.

One of the coolest folks we spoke to, was a PPA referee, named Michael. Michael has bone on bone knee issues and the pain that comes with it. He sought out one of our competitors and fought through learning the nuances of how difficult their product is to take on and off and get into the proper place. Michael stopped at the booth several times to talk about the Tighties Stabilizer and features it will have to help alleviate his struggles. He was quite open about how he thinks our strapping system will be more comfortable than what he is currently using. I personally wore our Stabilizer all weekend and love the way my hips and lower back, which are normally my own pain points, felt. I cannot wait for him to experience the same effect with more comfort and joy in how easy our products are to put on and take off. This is what we have spent so much time building. Stay tuned for Michael’s own testimonial, we are working with him to be a tester prior to launch!

It’s conversations like these that drive the development, fuel our passion, and keep us focused on making truly functional products. I can’t wait to meet more users and bring Tighties to the masses and I am already looking forward to our next PPA event!